Can a Glass Cutting Machine Cut Tempered Glass?

Can a Glass Cutting Machine Cut Tempered Glass?

It is a sure thing that your glass cutting machine is an indispensable tool to have in a fabrication process. Question is, can it be utilized to shape and cut your tempered glass?

The very first step in any fabrication work for glass is cutting and shaping it. After which, tempering may come next. Hence, there is no possible way you can cut glass the moment that it has been tempered.

Where Can You Find Tempered Glass?

You should not have any difficulty in finding tempered glass because they are everywhere, almost. They are commonly found in the interiors and exteriors of most commercial establishments. In fact, the vast majority of the glass that you see being used in a store, restaurant, office, or museum, has been tempered. Once the tempering process is accomplished and complete, you will no longer be able to cut it.  

The underlying reason why this glass strengthening technique is taken advantage of by business establishments is that it decreases the possibility of the glass shattering or breaking into pieces. However, if for some reason they did break, the tempering process will help ensure that the shattered parts and pieces will be relatively round and small. Therefore, it takes away the possibility of posing harm to anyone that is nearby.

This leads us to safety glass. Local authority codes almost always require establishments to make use of this safety glass, most especially if it is in a public or open space.

Can You Cut Your Ordered Tempered Glass to Fix Its Size?  

Several mishaps are likely to happen after you order a glass. Usually, the shape itself that it came with is not fitting to what you require and ask for. Or perhaps, the size itself becomes a big issue if it is too big or way too small for the intended space.  

In any fabrication project that will involve glass, cutting it into your desired shape is always going to be the first step to it. The final step would be to temper it. After your glass has been tempered, its size can’t be altered anymore.

Perhaps the only exception we can have here is that if that piece of glass (already tempered) is way too big. If this should be the case, we can take away to a maximum of ⅛” per edge.  

Nonetheless, this explains why it is of paramount importance to gather the right dimensions beforehand. Otherwise, your best course of action to deal with it is to reorder that glass instead. This time around ensure that you got the right dimensions.  

What You Should Look for in Your Glass Fabricator?

There is no other better way to ascertain that your ordered tempered glass will come to you in the exact size and shape you want it in, you need to make accurate measurements of it beforehand.

You can get this done by partnering your company with a distinguished glass fabricating team. A reputable glass fabricating company usually have their own internal quality standards, expertise by virtue of years of industry experience, and most importantly — they simply know how to decrease the likelihood of committing any marginal mistake.  Exclusive: waterjet for sale