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There are various energy-saving lighting guidelines that you can do if you need to reduce the cost on your electricity or power bill. The average home has light fixtures exceeding thirty and can spend a maximum of $400 annually in electricity. Here are tips to reduce the cost of your power bill.

When you leave the house just turn off all the lights. This a convenient method of saving on your power bill. If by any chance you are using traditional old incandescent light bulbs, this is a guaranteed way to let your power bill shoot up. Probably you will only be getting 15% of the electricity used with this kind of bulb when the rest produces heat. Therefore, it is a waste of power and increases heat to the house when you forget and leave it on.

The best bulb option for you is a fluorescent bulb because it produces much light but with less heat, therefore, a lower electricity bill for you. You need also to turn this off when you leave out of the room. You will actually save more on your power bill if you follow this tip.

In order to regulate power that is used by lighting, try to get dimmer switches. This will enable you to control the amount of light you need in your house. When the lights are dim, very less heat is consumed. You can as well use switches that are programmed to automatically turn the lights off at a set time. You won’t grieve about leaving the house for a business or work and lights are left on You can as well program the switch to turn on that time you do arrive home.

The next energy-saving lighting tip can be achieved with your outdoor lighting. You put sensor lights outside your house, sensor lights that can be activated with movement. This is greater than getting outdoor lights. Outdoor lights continuously consume power and adds your electric power bill.

To achieve accent lighting outside, make use of solar lights or those that have low voltage. It is the sun that powers solar lights so this will not increase your power bill. The solar lights stay on for long and being that they are wireless they can definitely be placed anywhere.