Choosing the Right Pool Tiles for Your Home in Australia

If you are a homeowner in Australia who owns a swimming pool, then you must have realized how important it is to have pool tiles. Without them, your swimming pool will look dull and dry. This is because these tiles can alleviate the look of your pool and your home in general. But if you think that having tiles is all about design, color, and aesthetics, then you are absolutely wrong.

Before getting tiles for your pool, there are various things that you need to consider first. Below are some tips on how you can do it right and give your pool a more stunning appearance.


Tips to Choosing the Right Pool Tiles

1.  Establish a Budget

Acquiring a home in Australia would entail a lot of money. More so if you have a swimming pool and you want to upgrade it. Getting pool tiles would mean additional expenses, thus you need to set a budget. If you have a budget at hand, you can make this as your guide when it comes to choosing the types and designs. If you want the more intricate ones, then you should set a bigger budget.


2.  Safety is a Priority

Since swimming pool is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, safety should be a priority. Be sure that for the areas outside the water you use slip-resistant tiles. Keep in mind that it’s the poolside that will be wet most of the time.


3.  Opt for Tiles with Lifetime Warranty

Changing tiles every now and then will be very costly. To avoid such, its best to choose tiles that come with lifetime guarantee against color fading and damage. This will not only give your swimming pool a more lasting appeal but will also help you save money.


4.  Choose your Design

The aesthetics of your pool is what makes it inviting so it’s very important that you choose a design that would best fit your pool.

You can choose decorative styles that come in different prints or just plain ones. You need decide how you want your pool to look like. You can even mix and combine different colored tiles and arrange them in an artistic way to create an amazing visual impact.


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5.  Choose Durable Tiles for the Inside of Your Pool

For the outside and inside of your pool, you should be using different types of tiles. The tiles for the floor and wall of your swimming pool should be made from pebble, slate, or stone. Make sure that they are slip-resistant and durable.

These are a few things that you need to consider if you are planning to have a swimming pool or if you want to change your tiles. Having these things in mind will spare you from the trouble of not finding the right ones and spending so much money for unnecessary things.