Concrete Core Drills

Drilling is a tough job even for the experts, but it will be so much easier and faster if you have the right core drilling equipment. Looking for the correct drilling equipment can be overwhelming especially for those who are new to the business, as there are many types of drilling rigs on the market. Drilling rigs are very easy to use, which enables drilling to be fast and convenient. One of the most common type of rigs used are the diamond core drilling rigs, and there are a range of diamond core drilling equipment types.

Diamond core drilling equipment that are portable and lightweight are used for drilling holes in walls, ceilings, floors, and other concrete structures. Equipment used for wet or dry drilling include hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric drilling rigs. Other types of drilling equipment are the rotary core and the wire line.


Electric Drilling Machines

Hand-Held Electric Mini Machines

These mini drilling machines are quite useful for small projects such as drilling holes in concrete, tile, and natural stone. They are commonly used for drilling countertops, gravestones, granite, plumbing as well as for stonework applications. They are mainly used to eradicate cracks and avoid shock.


Hand-Held Electric Machines

If you need an equipment faster than rotary hammers to drill holes in concrete and natural stone, use the hand-help electric machines. These drilling equipment are perfect for both attach and rebar type of installation. They are capable of performing vibration free, shock free, and dust free drilling operation. They have a quick-change system, allowing fast elimination of the center core.


Hand-Held & Rig Mounted Electric Machines

Both of these machines are powerful and lightweight. They can drill for up to 5″ holes in brick, cinder blocks, limestone, and other coarse surfaces. These machines enables the drilling operation to be fast and more efficient.


Hydraulic Drilling Machines

Hydraulic drilling equipment can perform both mechanical and electronic ways. They are easy to transport and move around. With these machines, your drilling projects will be profitable, as they are efficient, safe, reliable, and long lasting.


Pneumatic Drilling Machines

Pneumatic drilling machines can be hand-held or rig mounted. These machines are great for drilling into in walls, ceilings, unruly brick, floors, and all solid anchoring systems. You can use them on concrete, brickwork, and stones. You’ll find that these drilling machines are capable of drilling holes with accurate size with utmost competence and dust free operation.

Key Points

Diamond core drilling rigs and equipment are an absolute help both for large and small projects. They are designed for earthwork, electrical system applications, installation and inspection function, drilling for water system, for geothermal drilling, gas supply system, and heating system applications. They are also used for the construction of railways, bridges, and tunnels.

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