Electric Forklift Rentals: Questions To Ask

electric forklift rental

An electric forklift is a powerful piece of material lifting equipment that can streamline the functionality, safety, and even cost efficiency of your operations. If you’re thinking of investing in one, you will be pleased to know that you can harness a full suite of benefits from it. But if you do not have enough budget to pore over your selections of electric forklifts for sale and get one, there are electric forklift rentals that you can turn to.

How do you make sure, though, that you end up with the right equipment for your needs? Consider these questions.

What are your specific work requirements?

	electric forklift rental

Two of the most important aspects that your choice of electric forklift rental should meet are your weight and height lift requirements. Four-wheel electric forklifts, for instance, can carry up to 12,000 lbs, but not more; similarly, a three-wheel or narrow-aisle electric forklift can carry lighter weights, but come with better navigational flexibility.

Lifting specifications should also be considered. A forklift reach truck can get your load as high as up as 30 feet, but a typical four-wheel forklift can provide better load safety at 20 feet.

How do you intend to power it?

Electric forklifts, as their name suggests, only need access to electrical power to be functional. However, some types of electric forklifts require specialized batteries that subsequently require specialised charging stations. These stations should also be installed at your job site, so make sure that your rental company can help you manage this technicality well.

Where will you be operating the forklift?

One great advantage that electric forklifts provide over their internal combustion counterparts is that they are better suited to indoor applications. Some types also come with better manoeuvrability around tight spaces and other challenging workplace conditions.

Finally, think about your budget. Some types of electric forklifts can fetch higher costs as they are designed for more functionality and power, while others are more affordable. In addition, also consider how you are getting the forklift delivered to your specific job site. Some rental companies provide shipping solutions for your convenience, while others may require the service to be paid.