Energy Saving LED Lights

Energy Saving LED Lights

Energy Saving LED Light bulbs are gaining popularity these days. Many establishments are already using LED light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs for many reasons. Here are the advantages that you can get from using LED light bulbs.

Lifetime – Among the major advantages of LED lights among other types of light bulbs is that they last longer than others do. Normally, a standard LED bulb has approximately 100,000 hours compared to fluorescent light bulbs which only has from hundred to ten thousand hours of lifetime. 100,000 thousand hours of LED lifetime is equivalent to 11 years of continuous or non-stop operation.

Energy Efficiency – another great characteristic that a LED light bulb offers is its energy efficiency. These are also more energy efficient than other types of light bulbs. When a LED light bulb is properly designed, you might be able to save up to 80% of energy.

No UV Emissions – Because of the technology and material used in making a LED bulb, when used, the LED bulb itself does not emit any Ultraviolet radiation that is harmful for humans and the environment. The level of infrared that LED lights emit is very small or low.

Size and Design Flexibility – What is great about using LED light bulbs is that they are very small that they can fit nearly everywhere you want to install them. That means these are ideal to use in places where ordinary incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs will not fit.

Low Heat Emission – LED light bulbs offer is that they only emit a very little amount of heat. The heat that LED light bulbs emit is so low that you will not even notice the heat it emits unless you touch the bulb itself or get very near to it.

Though LED light bulbs are more expensive than fluorescent and other types of light bulbs, still you are able to save more money from them. This is for the reason that LED light bulb has to be replaced occasionally while other bulbs have to be replaced regularly. Even if the technology for LED lighting has only been developed and researched for this past 20 years, there have already been many applications for the said technology.

Choosing the light bulb for your home is very important, not just in making your home look beautiful but also in keeping your family safe from harmful radiations and in saving energy.