All We Ever Need to Know About LED Downlights

LED downlight

Ideal for making a particular place distinguish itself from others, high power LED downlights are always a better solution in comparison to the old fashion and fragile traditional lamps. 

The advantages include characteristics related to their power, lifetime, resistance and, why not, even external appearance.

LEDs are built with the help of a variety of semiconductor materials, such as gallium arsenide, aluminium gallium arsenide, silicon, diamond, zinc selenide and many other element compounds. They come in different colors, red, infrared, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, ultraviolet, purple, pink and, of course, white, colors created not by using color filters, but by just emitting the light of the intended color.

High power LED downlights, compared to standard LEDs, can emit thousands of lumens; they are considered more flexible than the original design because of their low power dissipation properties.

With a standard lifetime between 25.000 and 100.000 hours, unlike the 10.000 to 15.000 hours that the fluorescent tubes have, for example, these LEDs emit less heat than other lighting sources, making them an energy-efficient technology.


Being an improvement of the lighting efficiency, high power LED downlights come in different shapes and colors, satisfying any design expectations one may have. The lack of mercury usage as a component of the bulb has the effect of reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emission, making them environmentally friendly.

The system assures less power consumption, more than 50% as compared to traditional light bulbs and, because of the long lifetime it has and the physical resistance, the maintenance costs are also very low. The heat dissipation design helps maintain the LED bulb at a particular temperature, thus excluding any danger of overheating and causing a fire; besides this, the fact that it does not emit any radiation makes it even safer.

High power LED downlights are preferred as lighting systems also thanks to their usability at different voltage powers (from 85 to 265 VAC), the variety of lumens intensity, depending on their size, and the beam angles that come in various options (30, 45, 60 degrees).

The particular circuit layouts, the excellent heat dissipation characteristics and long lifetime, along with the beautiful designs and shapes that they are given, make these sources of light a stylish choice for decorating and, at the same time, perfectly illuminating any space one can think of.

With a working temperature below 60 degrees Celsius, the LED downlights are safe, with a low energy consumption and no ultraviolet or infrared emissions; they are easy to install, have a fast starting system and do not make the annoying flickering sounds that traditional bulbs do.

Giving a powerful and exact light beam, LED downlights are used for illuminating shop windows, counters, offices, meeting, recreation or dining rooms, hallways, and even supermarkets. They are frequently adopted for commercial lighting as well, as indoor ornaments, elevator lighting or in other similar situations.

Shock resistant and beautifully designed, high power LED downlights to make the perfect choice as light source in places where certain things need to be distinguished from others, like car shows, jewelry stores, clothing stores, expositions and so on.