Fire Rated Wall Panels: Your Best Protection against Fire

A fire rated wall is one of the features of a building’s passive fire protection system which has been checked and certified by the right regulatory agency. Fire rated walls come in two different types. One is true firewalls and the other is fire barrier walls. The first one is more structurally stable and is also certified for the purpose of fire prevention so it does not spread from one side to the other side of the building. On the other hand, fire barrier walls offer a fire-rated protection, although it’s not structurally sound.


Fire Ratings

A real fire rated wall extends through the roof between the sides of the building like an apartment complex or a townhouse. This can extend downward to the floor. In essence, it is certified and designed in order to prevent the spread of fire in the building in case one ignites on one side. Firewalls carefully separates sides of the buildings and then offers a stable structural support.

In addition, a fire partition or fire barrier wall is very helpful in containing fire and prevent the spread of it. However, it does not really provide structural support or extends through the floor and roof. But, provided that the materials used for construction have firewall certification, fire partitions are enough in a structure.


Fire-rated Wall Panels

These types of wall panels provide a powerful protection against the chances of an on-board fire. Among the most important precautions that you can choose to take against potential fire-related property damages, these wall panels can help prevent fatalities or injuries that usually accompany such incidents.


Potential Losses

There is a very wide range of factors that can potentially cause fires on board watercrafts. Among them, electrical problems are the most common cause. Some other aggravating factors would include leaking or spilled fuel, engine problems, or inattentive and careless behavior.

In case of flames breaking out in a marine environment, there is a very limited options for rescue or escape. Every year, there are so many people who get killed or suffer from injuries as a result of these accidents. This is without mentioning the millions of dollars that are lost to property damage.


Prevention is the Key

Not all fires can be prevented from happening. But, the use of fire-rated wall panels makes all the difference. For one, they can help minimize damages and deaths caused by such events. This will not only reduce potential liabilities but will also enable an organization to become better members of the watercraft community.

Be sure to opt for wall panels that are built with the best flameproof of vermiculite. This is a naturally-occurring mineral that does not pose health risks or any other disadvantages of materials such silicates and asbestos.