The Importance of Keeping a Machine Repair and Maintenance Record

Just like with any other machine hire companies, your fleet is the lifeblood of the business. Thus, machine repair and keeping it at its best working condition is a must. This will help lower the risk of performing unscheduled downtime. If there is a need for maintenance, be sure that you keep a comprehensive record of everything that tool place, whether it is scheduled or otherwise. This is very helpful so that you will have a better understanding of how the upkeep of your machine and equipment works.

Benefits of Machine Repair and Maintenance Record


  • Prevents Costly Repair Works


With continued use, machines get sensitive to wear and tear. By performing routine inspections, you would be able to see and repair damages before they turn into bigger and more serious problems. By documenting them, you get to keep track of every maintenance work that your machine has undertaken. This ensures that your machine is in its top-shape prior to putting it out to work.


  • Helps in the Creation of Specialized Maintenance Programs


Every machine is bound to be under different working conditions and each of them has their own limitations. But with routine checkups, you can determine and record those differences when it comes to maintenance works. As a result, the information you have acquired will be helpful in creating a maintenance program that will cater to your machines.


  • Prevent Warranty Claims Problem


Documenting all machine repair and maintenance works is helpful in processing warranty claims. It can make the process a lot easier. By keeping a record of the all maintenance done, which may include the time and date of repairs, you can determine your rights for the warranty claims.


  • Increase Operator Safety


When a machine is well-maintained, the risk for any accident as a result of malfunction is greatly reduced. In case of accidents due to faulty machines, there is a big chance that the operator will be the likely victim. But if you have maintenance history, you can keep track the health of your machine. This will allow you to schedule inspections whenever necessary to ensure that the equipment is safe and capable to work with.


  • Increases Resale Value


By keeping a detailed record of all repairs and maintenance works, the resale value of your machine will greatly increase. Buyers often assess the condition of the machine before deciding to purchase it, especially for used machines and equipment. If you can present a documentation of your machine’s maintenance history, you are informing them that what they are about to buy is a machine that has been well taken care of.

Maintaining the condition of your machine, making sure that it can deliver the best performance is greatly beneficial for the business. Aside from the higher chances of acquiring profit, unnecessary problems are avoided and you get to provide a safe and healthy working environment for everyone.

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