Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Sperm Production

Testosterone, as we know, play a vital role in the male reproductive system, increasing the sex drive and helping other aspects of the male sexuality. However, a common mistaken belief is that hormone replacement therapy for men can increase sperm production. Bringing in artificially produced testosterone in the body causes the body to stop producing the hormone naturally. This can possibly result to infertility especially if the therapy is not administered by a doctor or a medical specialist.

Numerous men with low testosterone have been treated with hormone replacement therapy and have positive results. However, the process could cause infertility. Awareness about the side effects of the treatment is very important. It all boils down to the reason why you need the hormone replacement therapy for men. It is also extremely crucial that you don’t do self-medication or just ask a friend about it. You need to have your numbers counted and get the professional diagnosis and advice of a doctor or a medical specialist about low T.


HRT for Older Men

One of the biggest reasons that testosterone replacement is so popular with older men is that most of them have already had children, and they do not have plans to conceive again. In younger men who need help boosting their testosterone levels, they need to weigh up the benefits or relief from low testosterone side effects against the chances of them not being able to have a family.

Hormone replacement therapy for men are popular among older men because most of them have already children. As men ages, they undergo the “men’s menopause,” also known as andropause. The treatment could help reduce and eliminate the symptoms of andropause such as mood swings, low libido, difficulty sleeping, and much more.


Bodybuilding and Testosterone

One of the most common places you can find unsupervised testosterone intake is in the bodybuilding world. Men who want to bulk up are supplementing testosterone without taking seriously the side effects of having too much testosterone in the body. There is a higher risk in fertility problems when testosterone supplementation is done without any medical assistance for an extended period. The effects can occur immediately or after a few years. Infertility may be temporary for some and may stop once the person stops supplementing testosterone. However, in some cases, the effects can be irreversible and permanent.


When is HRT Necessary?

Older men experience low testosterone because it is a natural response to ageing. It may not be a major concern, but low T can bring about uncomfortable symptoms, and testosterone therapy can help reduce or illuminate these symptoms. There may be younger men with low testosterone levels that may be caused by a trauma to the body or may be hereditary. Thus, testosterone therapy is not always the best option for them if they want to have children later on in life. Some men choose to have a family first, and then they will opt for the treatment afterwards.



First of all, you must have your numbers checked by a medical professional and consult a doctor or testosterone specialist if you have concerns regarding your health. If you need to have the treatment, consider its side effects. Your doctor will give you all possible options that will best suit your health condition as well as improve your overall quality of life.


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