Vinyl for Hospital Flooring: What Makes It the Right Choice?

The right choice of flooring is one of the important factors that many hospitals tend to overlook. They fail to realize that it is very important to create a safe and pleasant environment for everyone and the right choice of flooring can make this happen.

It is expected for hospitals to be a clean and safe environment. In order to ensure cleanliness, it is a must to install high quality hospital flooring solutions that are not only easy to clean, but are also durable and safe for patients, staff, and visitors. Having the right flooring can be a challenging task. It should be able to help in maintaining the cleanliness of the hospital setting and sturdy enough to handle heavy traffic. But one material meets all these requirements- vinyl.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Choosing vinyl for your hospital flooring would mean that you are using a material that is strong, yet easy to maintain. This is also the reason why PVC flooring is becoming increasingly popular and are used in hospital flooring across the world. One of its biggest advantages is the fact that it is very easy to clean and maintain. A vinyl tile has a sealed impermeable surface that is easy to maintain.

Ease of Maintenance

Although cleaning of the floor on a regular basis with the use of vacuum and dry mop is enough, you need to deal with spills and wet shoes marks. For this, it is recommended to use a mop that is dipped in lukewarm water. After mopping, you need to dry the floor using a dry mop in order to avoid accidents resulting from slipping. Easy maintenance is what sets vinyl from other choices available.

Strong and Durable

Vinyl is both strong and durable. In fact, it could even take a lot of weight although it is a light material. Vinyl floors and tiles are also very easy to install and replace. In order to avoid damage to this kind of flooring, you have to use protective feel on it. But, when they get damaged, a tile or panel could be easily replaced.


Vinyl tiles are anti-static. This means that they do not store or conduct static charge, thus keeping the equipment static free to give right readings. A vinyl type of flooring is a popular choice as it reduces sound while providing good acoustic.

Anti-slip flooring is very important in healthcare settings, especially in the critical areas like the intensive care unit and emergency ward. The use of a slip-resistant vinyl flooring allows better movement for the staff. Moreover, hospital flooring should also a part of the hospital’s aesthetics. In this case, vinyl tiles are available in different patterns and colors that can improve the look of the area while making sure that everyone stays safe.