What are the Benefits of a Vacuum Sealer? (Should You Buy Your Own?)

With respect to the help and value they bring to us, vacuum sealers are evolutionary products. In our home, they can help us save both money and time. They help in keeping our food fresher for longer and dinner leftovers from spoilage and deterioration. By that, you get your money’s worth by not throwing away anything.

The working idea behind these indispensable machines is to suction out the air inside a bag or a container. Doing so will eventually render the microbes, germs, algae, and bacteria inside the bag and even those that are found on the food item itself,  immobile. By deactivating these unseen microorganisms, they will not thrive anymore or flourish even. They will just die, leaving nothing to cause your food item to spoil or deteriorate.

In an effort to provide even greater convenience of homemakers and housewives, some manufacturers decided to create smaller, lightweight sealers. This explains the reason why vacuum sealers have become a ubiquitous kitchen tool nowadays. While many of us are familiar and know how to use and operate a vacuum sealer,  we still want to present to you the following points so that you will make your sealing tasks on a much more efficient scale.

What are the Benefits of a Vacuum Sealer?

Ultimate Combo (Vacuum Sealer + Blast Freezer)

For baked and cooked food items, the smartest way to preserve them is to make use of blast freezer first then vacuum seal it. As the name itself suggest, blast freezer will lower your food temperature in a snap, even if it is hot also. This measure will significantly lower the chances of bacterial growth before vacuum sealing is carried out.

Combining these two techniques will work to your advantage by letting you store your food item for the longest period of time, without having to put their taste and nutritional value to compromise.  

The Right Bags

You should only use the right kind of bag for your vacuum sealing machine.  But there are many different kinds of bags or packets for vacuum sealing purposes,  and this wide array of choices will put anyone in a difficult position of not being able to make the right choice, the first time.

If you have come across the so-called universal sealing bag, you can use with most units, regardless of brand or model. There are also commercial sealer bags and they’re practically used in butcher shops, restaurants, and other similar food-related establishments.


If you are the type of homemaker who buys large quantities of food, you can find food sealer bags that you can put a  label on, including the date when you should have consumed the item.

Preserving Liquids

You can also preserve liquids and liquid-based food items using your vacuum sealing machine.  The proper way to do so is to freeze them up first. By freezing,  in its solid form, you are minimizing the risk of the liquid from getting sucked up into the vacuum sealer. This happening will also run the risk of causing interference to the sealing process.

You can use this technique in preserving soups, sauces, and a host of other similar liquid-based dishes or food items.  


People ask when would be the best time to vacuum seal your food. We say that right after you buy and have no intention to consume or cook it right away, that would be it. There is no other way you can preserve its full flavors and freshness than by vacuum sealing it.